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iGroove - The XXXL Groove Book


by Andreas Schwarz

3499 Grooves For Drumset • 140 pages • Includes CD
Largest groove collection available - worldwide!
HPS40082 • 24 EURO • Distributors welcome!

In this unique collection you‘ll find the ultimate groove for every kind of music: rock, pop, house, dance, R&B, drum‘n bass, techno, metal, swing, latin, etc. This book is for professionals as well as beginners. It has everything rhythmical from super simple to very complex that your band could possibly need! You'll also find an immense amount of tips as to how you can extend the grooves or transform them in your own personal style. The layout is intentionally very clearly structured so that you can can find everything quickly and intuitively, even with limited music reading skills.

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iGroove- The XXXL Groove Book iGroove- The XXXL Groove Book

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